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Jean-Michel Jarre

July 4, 2005
If there ever was a saviour for music, I think I discovered him. Jean-Michel Jarre is just astounding to listen to. His music is composed mainly on synths, so has a late 70s-80s feel to it, but it doesn’t sound cheesy at all. I was quite relieved to start listening to some of his music and be able to get into a serious groove with him. The music varies between being very melodic and soothing, to music that could easily fit into a DJ’s line-up at a rave.
Jarre’s latest album is the first to be recorded completely in Dolby 5.1 surround sound. Unfortunately, I don’t have a surround sound system to play it on, but the effects in the headphones are pretty neat. Usually the sound comes out pretty steadily to both ears in a lot of music you hear on the radio or rock CDs, and such. With this CD, you feel like you’re dancing in music. I felt such weightlessness listening to this CD- sounds coming at you in any direction, a melody bouncing between the left and right side, a low rumbling starting off on the left then building to a large beat in the right, and so forth. It’s like listening to music on LSD – or, at least, what I would imagine listening to music would be like on LSD…
One of the best parts of the album are all the scenes between the main tracks. They act like the entre-acts of musicals, echoing the previous track and preparing you for the next one. They’re all quite simple sounds, but constructed in a complex way that impressed this listener. For instance, you could hear a few loud knocks on the door to your left, and then it progresses into footsteps walking through the room tracking towards the right. The knocking on the door actually caught me off guard, because it sounded like something hitting my window. I felt like a fool when I realized it was actually in the headphones. Normally, I can distinguish between the sounds in the headphones and outside, but not with this CD. These scenes were a nice touch to the CD. My favourites involved the slamming of a car door. You’ll have to listen to find out why, but it was such a simple idea that was executed perfectly.
Finishing this off, this CD is a must have for any electronica lover. With the variety of genres built into this disc, it’s sure to please anyone who listens to it. With the subtle bass lines, to the airy melodies, and the jazz-influenced saxaphone sounds, it’s perfect to listen to after a night of dancing. It will surely pick up the person who’s in a down mood, and if you’re already in a down mood, it’ll just finish off your night that much better. Be sure to check out his site and buy this CD the next time you’re in a music store.
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