January 24, 2009

Excitement is getting lost in the beat of the music, shaking your head up and down, letting your body start moving around.

Excitement is seeing a friend after a long while, and noticing the positive energies they bring with them.

Excitement is realizing that all your hard work is going towards something worthwhile and is being appreciative.

Excitement is a great number of people having fun, talking, laughing, causing mayhem in the middle of the night.

Excitement is the release of the built up energies surrounding drama, whether they be positive or negative.

Excitement is getting out of your bed to see all the snow melting away.

Excitement is falling asleep at your desk, in your car, on your couch, then hearing that song come on to play on the stereo or radio or tv.

Excitement is the unveiling of something that has not been seen before, nor may ever be seen again.

Excitement is going into a known place, and having something else be there that brightens up the space.

Excitement is checking your bank balance and discovering that, yes, you do have money still there.

Excitement is taking out said money and feeling it in your naked hands.

Excitement is hitting the power button for the first time, regardless of whether it’s a computer, a lamp, a car, a toy.

Excitement is seeing true beauty in front of you that catches your breath and steals your gaze.

Excitement is waffles, covered in strawberries, whip cream, and maple syrup with some bacon on the side.

Excitement is that gooey, chewy, sweet stuff swirling around in your mouth.

Excitement is getting off the plane after you’ve reached your final destination.

Excitement is seeing the 8-ball go in the pocket, and beating your opponent.

Excitement is turning off the bedroom light, laying down, and thinking about what is to happen in the next day.

Excitement is hitting the snooze button knowing it’s the weekend.


One Response to “Excitement”

  1. nine point view Says:

    Excitement is being up to your elbows in clay, finishing a seven page poem.

    It’s exciting diving into a new musical, feeling that this is the one. I mean “the one” that feels so right that you can feel the characters breathing down your neck.

    It’s exciting when you realize the stage is the space between your ears.

    What a life! I may be broker than broke, but oh so wealthy!

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