At the Hotel: Trouble

October 19, 2008

[I’ve been working in the hotels for over two years – time to share some of the stories I’ve experienced and have heard about from other locations. Names will have been changed to protect the guilty. Everything has been written as though I was actually there, which wasn’t always the case.]

It started innocently enough with a guest approaching the Front Desk to request a new set of room keys as their keys had expired. I took a quick look at the computer monitor to verify the length of stay, then proceeded to make up the new key cards. I made the keys and passed them over to the guest, and that should have been the end of that transaction. Upon closer examination of the guest details, the credit card on file was only a cash card, not a valid credit card produced from a financial institution. I tried to pre-authorize the credit card for a larger amount, and it was declined.

Knowing that the guests had left the hotel for a while, I proceeded to lock out the room so they would be forced to come down to the front desk to collect new keys. I left it at that and went for lunch. Upon my return, it was discovered that there was someone still in the room and they had let in the other guests, defeating the purpose of locking out their room keys. After a few phone-calls to explain the situation, one of the guests came down to the lobby. She remained downstairs while we tried to sort things out.

She was visibly upset as her boyfriend remained in the room with someone else, but she wasn’t entirely sure who was actually in the room. She was quite intoxicated and you could smell it clear across the lobby – mind you, this was only around noon, so not completely unexpected. A few more phone calls to the room and a visit by some staff members, and the remaining people finally left the room as they did not have a proper credit card to pay for the room.

At this point, there is nothing truly memorable about this little incident. The revelation comes from the staff members who approached the room:

  1. When they entered the room, the man and another woman were naked in bed together, fornicating.
  2. The man, as a reminder, is the boyfriend of the girl in the lobby.
  3. Both were as intoxicated as the other girl.
  4. The other woman was the girl’s mother.

After this was discovered, the entire hotel staff practically shared a communal bucket to defecate into. Not the typical day in the hotel, but then again, anything can happen in the hotel and it will never truly surprise us. This continues to be a highlight-of-the-day and a story to share to this day.

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