September 11, 2006

Meaning of Life= WOW.

         – Alicia, bar hopper on weed.

The simplicity echoes that of Coupland’s “42” but makes more sense to the general populace.

We live life in order to find those moments of “WOW.” Our definition of wow is different from each other, but we are still searching to find it. From the right piece of music to play at our wedding reception, to the perfect angle for the camera taking the photo, to finding a partner that when we kiss them it feels right. All are moments of WOW.

WOW comes from conceiving a child with someone, driving a car really fast, jumping out of a plane (with a parachute), overcoming a personal struggle (cancer, weight loss, poverty) and reaching a mountain where we can exhale again. There’s a calming effect after reaching a moment of WOW. You attain it and think back to yourself, “That was amazing.”

WOW causes you to use expletives because there are no other words to describe it. You shake your head afterwards, in silence. You smile and smile large. You laugh loudly. You’re just damn happy after moments of WOW.

The flipside of WOW is MOM.

MOM isn’t negative, it is familial in nature. It’s the force that causes us to procreate, to form families, to form communities. If individuals live for moments of WOW, our species lives for MOM. Without each other, we are lost. Without children, we perish. Without parents, we live a harder life without guidance.

A life without WOW or MOM is a life of misery and plainness. You do not need money or materials to find moments of WOW. It is a universal feeling that can be discovered inside of us all. We just need to learn how to find our moments of WOW and what the right moments are.

WOW- simply elegant.

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2 Responses to “Wow”

  1. Kristine Says:

    Thank you kind sir! I needed this post tonight. Sometimes Mom’s have it really tough because they were really stupid Mom’s when they were younger. What I really need to do is scream at the top of my lungs in the middle of nowhere…I used to say take me up to the mountains and let me fight a Grizzly…I f I lose then I don’t need to worry about another thing…but with as angry as I am right now…I won’t lose the fight. Adrenaline is a good thing in appropriate doses.

  2. single gal Says:

    merry xmas & happy new year!

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