Now is the Time

September 11, 2006

A few weeks ago, Whitehorse was playing host to the Natural Resources departments of Canada (provincial and federal). During their stay at the hotel, I had a good conversation with someone from Ottawa discussing the changes that occurred in what is now Gatineau (on the other side of the river from Ottawa) and then the conversation turned towards Whitehorse’s development.

He used a French phrase (that I can’t remember) that translated to, “The time is now.” Specifically, he was talking about the energy of change in the city, the condo development on Sixth Ave and Fourth Ave, the changes at my hotel, the waterfront development, Canada Games Centre, and so on. I was standing there a bit awestruck because he nailed the atmosphere of this city on the head.

After he left to go to his room, I was left thinking about this little nugget of enlightenment. My mind raced along thinking about all the possibilities in this city, how I could work towards harnessing some of the potential and steer it in the right direction.

When I got home that night, I was thinking about my life as it is now. There’s no better time for me than now. I’m changing careers, have moved into the city after being away for a year, reconnecting with old people and new ones. It just feels right to make changes in my life, both necessary and not, and to turn things around.

I feel as if life is just starting again for me, that I can learn from past mistakes and have new experiences. It’s time to re-make who I am and how people perceive me, to refashion the clay that I’m made of.

And I should do it now; not tomorrow.

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One Response to “Now is the Time”

  1. Cheesecake Says:

    I just read this through. I think I should get my clay out and work on it while waiting for dawn.

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