The Walk

August 28, 2006

Stepping out the door and onto the deck, blackness swallows me. It is night, and my guide is not the moon but a simple flashlight. It’s a dim light, barely noticeable on the wood underneath my feet.

The wind is howling, trees brushing up against each other. Leaves are fluttering as their companion branches dance around in the air. There’s a strange pattern to it all. Almost predictable, a swaying drum beat if you will.

In the distance, not too far away, waves crash into the rocks by the beach. Again, matching that same pattern of the trees. It’s a shame they can not dance together- the Montagues and Capulets of the world, I suppose. Forever separated and not meant to be.

I take a step down onto the bare ground, moccasins hitting the soft earth of moss. Another step. The bounce of my light causes the colours to shine through the bleakness of the night. A smile passes over my lips as I see the stick that my dog has gathered up to lay down on her mound in the yard. I continue on.

The light on the garage does not light up as I near it. That little mystery has my attention until my feet scrape over the rocks of the driveway. My head turns back down to avoid some of the larger rocks, then I look up towards my destination.

Nature’s party is still going on wildly. Some new noises have entered the mix, a squirrel here, a bird there. For animals that live in this world, they seem like strangers. The swaying of the wind and rolls of the waves overpowers the little chirps and squawks, causing me to forget about them.

My feet hit back onto the earth as I near the little cabin I am heading towards. A few awkward steps and I get around a protruding root- my flashlight has saved me from stubbing my toe, certainly. I reach up for the handle to the door and pull it open, stepping up and inside the warm cabin. I close the door and move towards my bed to settle down. As soon as I hit the bed, I sit in silence and listen to the sounds of nature filter through my windows and walls.

A heavy breath and sigh.

The walk seems so appropriate after having a difficult talk with my father. A lonely walk through noise in hopes of silence, only to be greeted with more noise.

And the walk is not finished.

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