August 22, 2006

HUGO:   Look at me. Sometimes I tell myself that you only pretend to believe in me and that you really don’t, and other times I tell myself that you really believe in me but that you pretend not to. Which is true?

JESSICA:   There is no truth.

“Dirty Hands” – Jean-Paul Sartre

When we rely on others’ thoughts about ourselves, their judgments are getting away from what really matters. We can drown ourselves in thoughts questioning whether Person A believes we are fat or hot, and no good will come of it. Same is true when you hear Person A say that you are fat (or hot). It will only lead you down the path of asking if they are telling the truth or not, if you should believe them.

There is no truth to come from others’ lips. The only truth comes from within. If you can’t believe that you are attractive, than you aren’t attractive.

Your words, your beliefs, your reasons, your morals are the only thing that matters to you.


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  1. single gal Says:

    what the H? 2 entries in one day?

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