Quick Thoughts on Life

August 3, 2006

What if life is more like the ocean. You move back and forth with the tides, the wind, the storms, with no end in sight. No clear end. You hit the shore, then you slip back into the ocean and continue on.

Not like you climbing up a mountain and get to the summit, then go down the otherside and die.

I was in a discussion with a friend about how it takes several generations for change to happen with humans, for them to adapt to new lifestyles. Our example was the acceptance of alternative marriages and relationships (gay/lesbian, polygamy, polyamory, etc). I brought up the point about how people adapt to technology much faster than a change in philosophy of life, and later on, I started wondering why that is exactly. It doesn’t make much sense to me because technology can be even more alienating and challenging to your life than a relationship of two other people who don’t have an immediate impact on you – unless you are one of the people in the alternative relationship or a direct relative of them.

Think about it. The information people in these times deals with must be a thousandfold of what people in ancient Greece and Egypt dealt with. Somehow, humans have been able to adjust to these times very quickly, but we tend to drag our feet on the other issues that should be more important.

My line of thinking started turning towards the original part of the post. The linear line of thinking, the classic storylines of rising up to a climax and then descending in the denouement has existed since Greek times. It was the perfect drama for them. Over 2,000 years and our thoughts haven’t changed about this. Why do we like working towards a goal and having a purpose in life, rather than just taking what life gives us and exploring? Why do we think it’s better to battle through problems than to back away and find a new way to live? Why do we like to be the heroes or think that heroes are great beings?

 [ More to come, SG]

2 Responses to “Quick Thoughts on Life”

  1. single gal Says:

    I think it’s time to expand.

  2. Kristine Says:

    Skimmed through here and there, are you sure you aren’t two hundred and twenty years old? pleasant writing. good poetry. thought filled. no empty puffed up crap. nice to read. and thank you very much for being.

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