June 8, 2006

Torture is sitting/standing behind a desk, looking sharp in nice slackes, nice pressed shirt with all the buttons done up, sleeves rolled-up, hair styled, then having a absolutely gorgeous, young woman walk up to the counter to ask you a question. You answer the question politely, smiling, saying things to make her smile, then she turns around after a “Thank you” to walk towards the elevator, enter, and disappear into the floors above.

Torture is looking down at the piece of paper she’s just signed, seeing her name there in all its glory, viewing the curvature of her signature and admiring how neat and tidy it is compared to your own messy scratches. You see how her signature matches so well with how she dresses and looks that it’s unreal. You look over that piece of paper and see a room number, 330.

Torture is seeing another young woman stroll into the lobby, pulling her suitcases behind her, wearing a nice skirt, face showing signs of being tired but still smiling happily as she approaches you. She says her name for you, and you realize she is staying with the other woman you checked in a little while ago. You hand her the roomcard, look at her hands, then flash her a smile as she does like the other woman, turning around to walk towards the elevator.

Torture is taking a phonecall, asking if the person on the other end can be on hold for a moment while handling some other guests. You return to the call after 5-10 minutes of having to deal with other guests, apologize about how busy things are and hearing in return, “Oh, that’s no problem. I understand.” in one of the sweetest voices you’ll ever hear. She’s like an angel after the long day of stresses and difficult guests wanting to change rooms. You go through the reservation to learn two startling facts: 1) there are about to be four girls sharing two beds. 2) the most important question of the whole exchange is, “Is your hotel close to many bars?” ‘Yes, we’re on the bar strip.’ “Oh, perfect. Just what I wanted to hear.”

Torture is having to handle requests like this daily, even hourly. Torture is knowing what rooms these women are staying in, having the ability to make room keys for their rooms, but not being able to do a damn thing with any of them besides flirt.

Torture: so evil, but so delightful at the same time.

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One Response to “Torture”

  1. drew Says:

    Torture is trying to read text this incredibly small.

  2. single gal Says:

    awwwww – you need to update friend.

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