January 30, 2006

Why can’t I find people who aren’t selfish?

I had a heated discussion with someone who has a comfortable living ($30,000+/year), has a father who’s practically a millionaire, has friends who’s parents will deposit $300,000 out of the blue into their accounts no questions asked, and she’s only 20.

I know people like this exist, but it’s extremely difficult for me to fully understand them. They live in an isolated shell and they want to protect themselves as much as possible. It’s why the elite have their country clubs and social events that separate them so much from the rest of society. To allow one person who doesn’t earn as much money or have the financial resources available woud shatter the crystal world they live in.

How is this possible? Easy. It would force these people to face something they’ve been choosing to ignore since the beginning of time when the first power structures were put into place. That one person who made a quarter or less of what they earned would behave differently, dress differently, speak a different language, and so on. The elite would have to adapt and change to be able to accept that person, but human nature is to reject and fear change of oneself. It’s the cause of teenager rebellion. Teenagers don’t want to change themselves for anyone but them, and refuse to listen to their parents attempts at changing things about their personality. So having that one person inside the elite circle has the potential to spread a virus. A good virus that would create positive change, hopefully. Making the elite more aware of the world around them, wanting to donate money to charity, not being so wasteful, etc.

But getting that person into that circle is a huge challenge. It’s practically impossible to get in and even make an attempt at changing things. I discovered this tonight with my discussion with this young woman. She resisted me greatly, and really doesnt’ want to involve me in her lifestyle, because it would ultimately damage me. I find that more of an excuse to keep me out so I don’t cause trouble with her friends. Who could blame her?

My problem is that I keep finding people like her, not willing to share their wealth when they have it. And I’m too generous with people. They don’t take advantage of me, but I just continually give. I give until I can’t give anymore, which causes me to be in debt now, both financially and emotionally. I feel like I get cast off because I give too much. I want to meet someone who gives as much as me, who cares about the world around them, doesn’t shy away from giving a stranger the change in your pocket, or helping a homeless person out, and so on.

What happened to all the generous people in the world?

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One Response to “Selfishness”

  1. I don’t have an answer really, but I read a book about Morita therapy and like all such books it didn’t have all the answers, but it did give me some things to think about. One of those things was about being obsessed with other people’s behavior and making the world a better place. The answer that Dr. Reynolds gives isn’t an earth shattering revelation, he and some other people that he talked to such as emergency romm nurses and doctors is that the trials and pains in life will never stop. So what should people do in such a hopeless situation; keep doing the things that you can do the best you can. Every day that you do this, you may not be able to always see it, but you’ll have lifted a little of the weight and pain in the world. Also, you must learn to be a little selfish in the sense of looking out for yourself, your finances, your health..because tomorrow is another day and you’ll be challenged again.

    Just my two cents.

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