Unfinished Thoughts

September 27, 2005



Why is
there such a constant movement in our society today to stop progress? If our
society today cannot deal with the differences between races, gender,
sexuality, religion, and so on, how are we to deal with future societies when
there are robots, cyborgs, intelligent life other than humans, longer living
humans, people who have adopted really advanced technology, or people
discovering and founding a major religion? The politicians and writers are
attacking the wrong areas of life.



I’m a hippy. Not in the 1960s’ sense, with flowing bell-bottom pants and
tie-dyed colours covering me from head to toe, but in the sense that I’m
wanting to live in a better world. I’ve always thought that the way to live
life was to live for improvement of the human species, but the rest of the
world doesn’t seem to be living that way at all. It’s no wonder I’m constantly
being confused with where my life is going. Where I want it to go is not
welcome in this world at all.


surprises me for several reasons. For one, the world is full of examples of
progress towards a better human or society. Popular religions, technology,
education, hospitals, social welfare programs, etc. I would hate to believe
that all of these various institutions are moving not in the direction of
progress but have alterior motives within them. It depresses me to think that
this world is focused on power and money, and institutions that should be
helping are deceiving the people that use them. With all the corruption that’s
happening around us, why should I shut up and accept it? Is the purpose of my
life to go out and get the most money I can to ensure that my children and
their grandchildren can live comfortably, or should I be working towards a
better world for them to be living in?

The one
thing I don’t get is how come all the various militias of the developing world
are killing the poor citizens? I would think they would want to work together
with those citizens, win them over to the cause to take down the corrupt
governments that are ruling them. It seems kind of backwards to kill off the
people that may want to support these groups and help them defeat their
collective enemies.

16 Responses to “Unfinished Thoughts”

  1. Rowena Elizabeth Says:

    why are various militias of the developing world killing these poor civilians? Fear it is all about fear, if you can strike fear into the hearts and minds of others then you have control, it is not about working together with others in a peaceful way. Then there is the lack of education that goes with it, where you have a society that is not educated, you can also control them easlier.It is impossible to change what is already happening, you may not like it but the world that we live in is controlled by money and those with the most money have the most power, the occasional protest may change something slighly but not for good. We protested against the war in Iraq, we shouldn\’t be there that\’s the truth and we all understand this, but its not the governments that are making the decisions this time around, it is those with a interest in oil, the giant oil companies of this world are making our decisions for us now. Without oil, we will go back in time and the majority of the worlds societies are against this, do they really want there life to become harder? No not really.Reality bites…

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