July 4, 2005
I came across this lovely and intelligent blog: SpeakYourPeace
I found myself responding to quite a few posts already, and I’ve only been reading for 30 mins. I thought, I should just post them up here, as well.

There’s only one way to get the youth of the world to understand what’s going on and that’s to educate them in their schools and through the media. If we can brainwash them to buy McDonald’s and the latest Nike shoes, then surely we can convince them that consuming goods is not good for society and the world. Teach them that the world does not need to be built upon a hierarchal economy. Show them that economies in their current form only aid the top 5% of the society, roughly. We need to teach them that governments at all levels are inefficient and rarely do anything that benefits the population. Politics exists so the elite of society can further separate themselves from the lower classes and enjoy themselves, while earning money. The last time I checked, the world doesn’t stop, so why should government take summer breaks?

If we are to progress at all and save our planet from the impending battles over natural resources, we need a Mega-Revolution. Not just an attack on our political system, but an attack on how we live, how we operate as humans, and how we connect with eachother. The problems in the world are endless and have been getting worse over the past 50 years, and they were already bad before then. If our current systems in place can’t do anything about them, why not overhaul the system to find a solution?

Life is about survival. We’re going to have to give up a lot that we depend on right now to ensure that the species survives in the next 25, 50 and hundred years.

For the world to rise up against their governments, they need an honest example to follow. They need a global leader that will encourage them to do the right thing. In recent memory, I think there’s only been one true example of this, and that was in Spain after their terrorist attacks. The people marched and elected the political leader who was going to lead them away from the Iraq war, and now they have allowed gay marriage. Several of the other revolutions happening have had "dirty hands" involved (namely the US) which guided the revolution one way or the other to protect their nation’s safety. I don’t know about Lebanon and their battle against Syria leaving their country, but it is rather promising compared to other nation’s attempts at revolt.

I think, the world needs to witness the US nation rise up and take down their government before any real change happens. It’s well known to the world that Bush is not exactly putting his nation first when dealing with his various policies, and, surely, they laugh at us with just accepting it and actually re-electing him. If Americans want to be more respected in the world, then they must do the right thing and take down Bush’s government before he does something stupid (nuclear war, taking over more countries, etc). He is the world’s largest enemy right now, not Kim Jong Il or Iran. He is slaughtering the lambs of America in the interest of business. How many reasons is he going to offer before he’s honest with the people? (re: WMDs, Saddam, liberating Iraq, etc).

I hope the Live 8 concerts do their job in influencing the G8 conference. I’m pretty sure the leaders will all sign on to helping Africa more, except Bush. If that happens, the people will have to overthrow him.


A Philosophy for the youth



The world is "survival of the fittest" but never forget who you are. You’re human, not an animal struggling in the wild. Humans are bred to respect eachother and live in communities, social networks, families. No matter how much pain you may go through while being involved with people, always remember that there are positive networks of people out in the world.

The person who lives for themselves first is a creature that should be extinct. Help the people on the street when you can, and do not be ashamed if all you can offer is a few quarters. If someone asks for the time, do not turn away from them, for that breeds ignorance and hate in the world. Talk with strangers, and do what you can to improve the lives of the people around you.

Be open-minded, for humanity’s sake. Listen to the ideas that surround you on a daily basis. Breath them in and out of your mind until you have enough information to make constructive arguments against other’s ideas – but don’t just fight because you think you’re right. Have dialogue and share the wonders of your ideas, while allowing the other person to feed you their ideas.

In sum: have respect for others who are not like-minded.


One Response to “Revolution”

  1. Rowena Elizabeth Says:

    "Survival of the fittest"The assumption that the weak will rise from there current positions and break free of the chains of society, maybe, they will a leader strong and powerful willing to go to the ends of the earth to make freedom a reality and equality a truth not just a word in the dictionary. But can they break free of all the goodies available to us in this world, instead of saving for that ten thousand dollar holiday why don\’t they stand for freedom? The world as we see it today is a lost cause it will require the next generation to stand on there beliefs and go for it. We need compasion, we need governments that are youthful, not in their sixties and we especially don\’t need anymore President Bush\’s in American (talk about the land of the free), more like the land of poverty (I read the UN report on poverty). Sometimes we need to build the confidence of our own people before we build the confidence of other countries.Survival of the Fittest, no its just a philosophy, an idea, hope and belief. It will take a world wide revolution bigger than we have ever seen before or read in the history books. It will be our end or our begining. Till then it will always be Survival of the rich, some will make it those who don\’t wither and die.

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