Kodak DX6490, How I love thee…

July 1, 2005
I am becoming obsessed with my digital camera this past month. I bought the camera last year, around this time, actually, as a graduation gift for myself. I figured after six years of going to school at Univeristy, working fulltime the past three years, and a total of 18 years in school, including elementary through to highschool graduation, I deserved something.
After a bit of browsing online, and scanning through eBay, I found my new best friend. It certainly wasn’t cheap, but it offered everything I wanted without me purchasing a real professional camera. I couldn’t afford the latest and best thing, so I settled for a little below that.
All of the pictures on this site were taking with the camera. except for the giant starfish sent to me by my brother. Today, I wanted to see how well the zoom could go, so I was playing with taking shots farther away than I would’ve liked and trying to pick up objects. It worked quite well. I was getting some nice pics of guys playing cricket (yes, cricket) on campus, and could pick up some couples walking along the sidewalk. I don’t want to publish those though- that’s a bit creepy. So instead, I’m going to include a few pics I took today.
Now, this demonstration is quite simple. One pic is a close-up, the other isn’t. If you look closely at the broad shot, you’ll see the small buildings I focused on for the close-up.
Let me know what you think of the quality of them.
After posting, I realized it’s pretty impossible to see the point where I meant, so I added another pic with a convenient label of "Over here." Open it up in a new window and you should be able to see what I meant.

4 Responses to “Kodak DX6490, How I love thee…”

  1. Patrick Says:

    Holy crap! What\’s the zoom on that thing???

  2. James Says:

    It has an optical zoom of 10x. I don\’t think I used the digital zoom at all on that picture. I\’m quite happy with the camera, even if there are better ones out there. Some day, maybe…

  3. Rowena Elizabeth Says:

    "lovely and intelligent blog"I thank you

  4. Rowena Elizabeth Says:

    two thirty in the morning huh, that\’s early. if your interested my MSN is:rowenascotte@yahoo.com.au

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