June 25, 2005
Interesting note: Mandarin Chinese has nearly a billion speakers in the world. Next is Hindi. But Hindi has only 300,000+ speakers, a significant drop off. English and Spanish are in the 300,000s, as well. German and French are below the power house languages of Bengali, Porteguese, Russian, and just above Malay. Adding up the top twelve languages of the world gives a total of 2 billion and 883 million. There’s roughly three billion people speaking a language that is fairly "unique." Malay has 50 million speakers, so I’m guessing that most of the other languages are in the 10-20 million range with several being in the 30+ million range. Anyways, that’s a lot of languages in the world. Amazing how every culture has developed their own language independent of most of the others.

Another interesting tidbit, all of these words have roots in the Arabic language (just a small selection): admiral, alchemy, alcohol, algebra, almanac, apricot, candy, checkmate, coffee, cotton,crimson, gauze, ghoul, giraffe, guitar, hazard, lake, lime, magazine, massacre, massage, mattress, mocha, monsoon, mummy, orange, racket, safari, sesame, shackle, sofa, spinach, sugar, syrup, talisman, tambourine, tariff, typhoon, zero.

The English language is so corrupt, stealing great words from other languages and using it for their own. Too bad we couldn’t be more original.

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