June 25, 2005

What’s wrong with humanity? When someone is down and hurting, the advice given out more often than not is to "suck it up and deal with it." Everyone is too busy to do anything to help you because they don’t want to help the needy. For instance:

"Honestly?  Maybe it would help if I just told you to fuck off  and deal with it.  You’ve got to light your own firecracker up your ass to get going.  Moping and being depressed isn’t giong to help.  Half-assed searching isnt’ going to help.  Do or Die.   The times I actually accomplished the most was when I was pissed.  Or when someone slapped me around instead of comforted.  **** has told me countless times, "Either you fucking stop crying and do something about it or you go to someone else who gives a fuck.  I don’t have time to deal with your problems- there’s not a goddamn thing i can do to help."  …it was the one time i actually did something. "

Now I can understand the motivation from within, but when the person doesn’t even have the motivation to wake up in the morning, how is abandoning that person actually helping? Do you really need people to become the "I don’t give a fuck" kind of people? Isn’t that how acts of war are really started – I don’t care what the cost of human lives is, but it has to be done. If Bush truly did care about people, he’d be helping out the poor and the sick, not dipping his fingers into someone else’s candy dish.

It really concerns me that our society has turned from our primitive tribe mates having to band together to overcome nature’s problems, to wanting to continually push people out of the cave and become these aggressive, selfish hermits. How are we to survive as a species if keep doing this?

Is the lack of time the real issue here, or are people lacking the energy and heart to do what needs to be done? Are they taking the easy road so they can return to being couch potatos and watch their televisions? Is there anyway we can reverse this problem?

Or is it even a problem? Am I just lashing out because no one gives a fuck about what I do anymore? Am I taking this personal issue way too personally and not respecting the other person’s wishes, even though I gave said person a significant amount of my life to make sure they didn’t do anything stupid and were able to get their life up and running again?

Why does all this crap have to land into my lap during possibly the worst year of my life?

And why am I so fucking nice to everyone else when no one seems to appreciate it?

And why do I keep asking so many questions in these posts and in life in general? Shoot me. I know you want to.



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