L| i` |3 /\ f\j

June 22, 2005

A new identity.

I was getting bored with JM2145 and Urban-Hermit seemed too plain, not to mention too cliche it seems. I was surprised at how many other sites existed mentioning urban hermits, so I felt a new name was in order. But I didn’t want to use words.

I was watching a documentary on Muhammed and Islam and was getting mesmorized with the calligraphy of Arabic. What a confusing language to read, but it looks wonderful when the time is taken to do it properly.

http://www.arabicbible.com/images/arabic_graphities/ezekiel36_26.jpg is a good example of what I mean.

While looking for an example of this, I found another link: http://www.sfusd.k12.ca.us/schwww/sch618/Calligraphy/Islam_Arabic_Calligraphy.html

It looks like a good introduction to the language, and includes a few online lessons on how to actually draw the language. Very neat stuff, and much more complicated than I thought. Letters are formed differently depending on where they are in the word. Must be a tough learning curve to learning the script. No wonder English has become so popular in the world – our language is so dumb. :P

Anyways, I wanted my new name to have some simplicity to it, but try and find a calligraphic art to the ascii text. I think it looks pretty good, but I’m sure a lot of people will find it dumb looking and not understand what it says.

When I was watching the documentary, I was surprised at how humble a religion Islam really is. The beginnings of Islam seem much more heroic and noble than Christianity was. The way people talked about it during their interviews and profiles, it made me want to look further into it. Foolish thoughts, perhaps, but if I have time, maybe I’ll do some more reading.

In the mean time, the new name looks even better italicized:

L| i` |3 /\ f\j

يَكُونُ جيّداً ويَتمتّعُ بيومَكَ

(Be well and enjoy your day – thanks to: http://www.almisbar.com/demo.html )


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