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February 20, 2005

Pre-face: Before setting up this blog, I had been writing at another site two-three years ago over at (it no longer exists now), and also on my computer from time-to-time. My notes on the computer aren’t that articulated, just brief points usually, but I thought I’d put them up here to store them more easily right now. The next couple of posts will be various short essays or notes written in this year. Hope to be inspired soon to write more, or maybe I’m too inspired right now to put down my thoughts with everything going on – election, baseball, flu epidemic, Iraq, etc, etc, etc. Enjoy.

July 25, 2004.


The doom of capitalism

Why disease is good for the world.

– without disease, illness, etc. the pharmaceuticals wouldn’t have anything to battle against
o meaning, companies would lose money and eventually go bankrupt.
o Therefore, to ensure the companies will still exist, the drug companies don’t pursue the research further enough to eliminate these beneficial diseases.
o Doctors and researchers from the 17th-early 20th pursued medicine to eradicate diseases for the benefit of the human race. Somehow, that pursuit for man has become a pursuit for money. If companies truly don’t care about the profits their drugs make, would they need to advertise heavily on television and convince people they do have a problem? Why do drug companies exist? Why can’t they be non-profit organizations and actually care about their clients? Even if these companies charge money for Tyenol, why not give the really helpful drugs for AIDs and diabetes out for free and support those operations through other donations?


Are drugs really that bad? Are they illegal because the state can’t control the trafficking of them as easily as other material goods and, therefore, lose a lot of tax money? Are they too accessible to profit from with legit companies? People can grow marijuana inside their house, or on their farm, etc. But people can’t just make a car out in their garage easily, nor any processed goods.

The end of capitalism is coming if things that harm humans is actually good, and items that can’t be controlled are marked evil because they can’t be profitable or lose a lot of potential income. Only items that are manufactured or inaccessible can be legit and good for the economy – oil, cars, tobacco, pornography, etc. I wish the world would wake up and realize all of this.

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